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The complete hard disk space manager for Windows. Scans directory trees and stores structure
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6 July 2015

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In many small and mid-tier firms, the investment made in storage servers is very limited. Often a lot of data is stored in normal computers that are used to serve as data repositories. For example there are firms that store employee login details and other HR data in a single system while common files are stored in another system where disk space is readily available. Now for administrators in such organizations, a tool like SpaceObServer 5.2 comes rather handy as it can point out the available free space in different machines and also reclaim space by removing duplicate or unused files.

One of the key characteristics of the SpaceObServer 5.2 is its capacity to graphically analyze all the targeted drives and depict how the used storage volumes have changed over a period of time. It can scan network drives and Exchange server data repositories to identify available disk space in quick time. It can give you a quick picture of amount of data consumed by each user or the top 100 files which are consuming the maximum disk space. With this tool you can check when a drive was last accessed and files that have been modified. One of the most intelligent features of this tool involves displaying the scan results through a web link which can be viewed with the help of your Internet explorer. The tool can also be used to quickly search for specific files and it comes with a host of filtration and drill down options. Redundant files can effortlessly tracked by its intelligent algorithm which matches checksums.

The SpaceObServer 5.2 is highly suited for a LAN administrator looking to manage disk space on different machines for running multiple applications. We mark the tool with a score of four rating stars for its extensive set of features and elegant reporting.

Publisher's description

SpaceObServer is a powerful and flexible hard disk space manager for Windows (32 and 64 Bit). It consists of a system service named "SpaceObServer Agent" that executes scans for the selected file system trees and stores the collected information in a SQL database (MS SQL Server, ORACLE, MySQL, IBM DB2 or MS Access). Network scans are fully supported, without the need to install additional software on the network servers. The SpaceObServer user interface enables you to display the stored data in different kinds of visualization (3D bar, pie, line charts or tree maps as well as tabular enumerations, if desired grouped by file types or users). The application features an intuitive Explorer-like user interface, to present you detailed information (e.g. size, allocated space, number of files, last access and change date, file owner,...) about directories or drives you choose. You are able to trace the development of the size of directories you choose and get approximated size development for the future. It is possible to store diagrams using common image formats, export tables to XML-, Excel-, PDF-, HTML-or Text files and print a detailed report for the selected directory tree. You can use OLE Automation to generate exports from within your own scripts or programs. Use extensive search criteria to discover files with special characteristics (e.g. size, file extension, last change,...). A duplicate file search is also included, optional with MD5 checksum identification. The data storage, as well as all text output, works with the Unicode international character set standard, thus SpaceObServer can also administer directories and files, whose names cannot be represented in the ASCII character set.
The SpaceObServer Client application is a management tool to configure scans, view scan results and generate exports remotely from additional machines in your network. The SpaceObServer Web Access client (sold separately) enables users to access scan reports via web browser.
Version 5.2.1
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